Quit Smoking for Health Reasons - You can bring the change

These days looks like smoking has become a trend. Even the teenagers are badly into it. For them, it is like a fashion.

Quit Smoking for Health Reasons - You can bring the change
Quit Smoking for Health Reasons - You can bring the change

These days looks like smoking has become a trend. Even the teenagers are badly into it. For them, it is like a fashion and if they don’t smoke, it lowers their status in their friend circle. People are cheating themselves for no reason. They have started loving a life wherein showing off is a great business for them. But when you smoke, you not only put your life in danger but even other people who by mistake inhale that smoke from the air, they also have to face the consequences.

Smoking is not recommended

Well, we don’t recommend smoking at all as it is not at all good for one’s cardiovascular system. Tobacco companies will keep on advertising their products by using a nice statement. But it is we who have to make a wise decision. We cannot put our lives at risk. No matter what kind of cigarette we smoke, after all, it is tobacco.

Smoking has come in fashion even in teenagers’ life

Earlier at least teenagers were not following this trend, but seeing the adults they feel that this is something they should do to look more stylish and trendy. But they are wrong. Consuming tobacco from a very early age not only ruins your thinking but also deviates you from doing the most important things. Teenage is the time when we should devote ourselves to learning the crucial lessons of life, instead of smoking or drinking. Even bunking classes are not at all good, because this way you cheat your parents who are working very hard for their wards to be able to keep pace with the growing competition.

Parents’ sacrifices go in vain when their children start smoking

You won’t believe that your parents sacrifice their desires to make you a successful person. They don’t buy new shoes often so that you can wear good shoes for school and you don’t face any embarrassment. They are ready to face any embarrassment because of you, but they want you to lead a very good life.

They already know that there will be a time when they would not be able to be by your side to guide you. This is the reason that they give all their best teachings and learning to you so that you can have better survival in this world even when they are not with you.

Harmful effects of smoking on our health

You should be aware that cigarettes have nicotine in them, which is not good for our heart health. There are many lung-related issues that arise because of smoking. So, smoking is a very unhealthy habit, it disturbs your physical development. In fact, smoking also increases the intake of harmful gases in the lungs which can be deadly to your whole body system. Moreover, once you have developed the habit of consuming nicotine, it becomes very difficult to drop that as it gets a firmer hold on your mind.

In addition, smoking also increases the amount of carbon mono-oxide in our body, it further decreases oxygen in the body. It even impacts the hemoglobin in our body by increasing carbon dioxide in it. It further disturbs the process of blood purification by decreasing the amount of oxygen received by peripheral tissue. This can lead to cardiovascular dysfunction in severe instances and respiratory problems are also the outcome of smoking.

Chemicals found in cigarettes even cause the clotting of blood which can lead to blockage and heat stroke, which is quite a serious issue.

Thus, smoking is not a good habit even if you do it in a very limited amount. It increases the pressure on different organs present in your body and disturbs their function too. So, if you are a regular or casual smoker, you have to stop it right this moment because it can be very risky to your health in the later stage.

What can you do to quit smoking?

Well, nothing is impossible when you decide to do that because your determination can make a difference. Once you are very strict about bringing the habit of smoking to a halt, you can very easily do that. Here, we are also proposing you some ways to do that, although it requires determination and will power more than anything else. These are some ways to quit smoking:

  • You can quit smoking in the name of your family’s safety. If you love and respect your family, you can very easily quit this bad habit of smoking because you realize that your good health has an impact on the life of your family members. If something happens to you, your family will suffer equally. So, you have to think about it.
  • You can even take the help of a doctor in order to quit smoking, he can prescribe some medicines to you which can further help you refrain from smoking. Well, some medicine even has some amount of nicotine. So, if you are a heavier smoker, the doctor can even prescribe you that in order to help you stay away from smoking. The success rate of nicotine therapy is very high as it helps you slowly come out of the habit of smoking. But yes the medicine which is prescribed for this purpose has to be consumed regularly so that you don’t have to face any health problems.
  • You can even indulge in some hobbies so as to relax, calm your nerves because some people smoke because of work-related stress and if they pursue hobbies, they can easily deviate themselves from that stress. Some very good stress busters are music, exercise, spending quality time with family or friends. Also, for staying away from the urge to smoking, you can change your routine. Simply, be intentionally very busy during the time when you used to smoke or drink. This will surely help you out.
  • You can also brush your teeth or take the help of chewing gum. In fact, talking to a friend and keeping busy in some activity can also help you divert yourself completely. The whole idea is of keeping busy when you think of smoking so that you can pass that time and then you don’t get time to smoke.
  • People who smoke, they keep the ashtrays to safely keep the ash to prevent the sparks from spreading. You can also wash everything that has the smell of smoke so that this way also you don’t remember to smoke. Room fresheners can be used to improve the odor around.
  • We also suggest you do meditation if you smoke because this really helps you a lot in calming your nerves and keeping you stress-free. This is the best way of killing the negative urge that is trying to destroy you.
  • Another way of improving the habit of smoking could be by beginning to exercise. You can definitely lose some weight which you might have gained because of smoking. In addition, follow the right diet in order to be healthy like you can rely more on vegetables and fruits. Also, hydrate your body well.
  • You can also keep encouraging yourself by spending money on fun activities as you save a lot of it by quitting to smoke.
  • Try morning walk as you can breathe fresh air during this time. This also instills positive energy in you. Try to do every possible thing to remain happy. It will surely keep you away from diseases.


Well, in the end, we would only say that something which is not good for your health comes very expensive because in the long run, it does more damage than good. We believe in bringing positive thoughts. We strongly feel that you can definitely treat yourself better by quitting this bad habit of smoking. It will also keep your family in good health. Smoking a cigarette is nothing more than wastage of your money. Please take one step ahead and quit smoking.