A Bond With Earth with An Adventurer Final Fantasy FFXIV Gardening

First, we know about What is gardening, in my words (gardening is a work where surrendered ourselves to nature ) but nowadays most people do not take an interest in it, why because we all are busy in our work some people in their office, give time to their house decorations but not to concern for nature, and gardening is a nature-loving work inspired people to the protection of nature,, Many FFXIV Gardening have found a lot of methods that everyone does not notice, and give themselves to technology and other field but forget about agriculture witch is there basic needs, so what we will do? we should take care of the greenery around our house as well.

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Garden, basically we can say a garden is a place where we grow the fruits, flower, herbs, and veggies witch looks beautifully great and gardening a work were to protect them from other unnecessary things like high sunlight as well as water and give them properly water and fertilizer.

Nowadays people getting away from their culture and one of them is agriculture, but agriculture is a large scale witch cannot doing Easily by an Easy Man, on the other hand, Gardening is a way to connect self to nature,  everyone can do it easily required not more knowledge but little.

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Some factors most important for FFXIV Gardening

1 . Soil layer

  1. Weather /Temperature
  2. Seeds
  3. nutrients
  4. Sunlight(Measure factor)
  5. water

But here we discussed some else and New witch is cool for Today generation, FFXIV Gardening lets understand what is it?

FFXIV, Final Fantasy XIV (14) is a database platform that provides guidance about gardening. it is creative and fun for those who are interested in gardening  (Final fantasy a realm reborn come out on 30 September 2010, This Means Gardening in Game Play. basically, we know about the main factors for a garden but here basically two factor main

1 Seed

2 Soil layer

nymeia lily seeds
nymeia lily seeds
FFXIV Krakka Seeds
FFXIV Krakka Seeds
azeyma rose seeds
azeyma rose seeds
FFXIV Star Anise Seeds
FFXIV Star Anise Seeds

Instruments  in FFXIV Gardening

Bed, Topsoil, seeds, patch, cottage, house.

Topsoil, as we know that soil is a basic foundation of any corps, then we want a good quality soil for our corps same as in FFXIV Gardening also demand a top-class soil. and we find here three major types of Soil witch use as a term as grade  1 grade 2 and grade 3.

1 . Thanalan Topsoil

  1. Shourd Topsoil
  2. La Noscean Topsoil

The first one in Thanalan Topsoil is important for mainly crossbreeding, here a question arises in your mind that what is crossbreeding? if you don’t know about that term, crossbreeding a process.

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FFXIV Grade 3 Shroud Topsoil
FFXIV Grade 3 Shroud Topsoil

Crossbreeding a process were met two purebred individuals from different species, breed for producing a new one individual. as usually found in animals like horse, Dog, cattle here we use this term for crossbreeding in plants, and this feature makes your highly qualified garden  in FFXIV Gardening and a  feature  in this Thanalan soil that it increases the chances of crossbreeding in plants that’s why  this is a most important and useful soil among them well all have individual qualities,

Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoid
Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoid

We turn to  Shourd Topsoil if we want the best factor for yield so here is Shourd Topsoil witch increase the amount of yield. Why yield a necessary factor for crops? yield necessary in a better quantity for every corps or for product development and growth,  a sufficient amount of yield gives a  fine output of harvesting. same as in ffxiv shroud topsoil helps to improve a corps quality.

The third one is La Noscean Topsoil, soil which gives a  probability to high-quality plant yield, and gives quality on regular basis to our crop and not affected the crossbreed plants.

Some guidance to start gardening

There is three types of garden patches for planting and each allows for a different no. of beds respectively 4,6 and 8 beds.

  1. Round Garden Patch, Four Bed.
  2. Oblong Garden Patch gives a facility for Six Bed.
  3. Deluxe Garden Patch has Eight Garden Bed.

game start with a 2.2 patched sized .and a player permitted manage a garden on his/her plot what want to cultivate variously depend on what he or she has a  cottage, house or a mention . one garden hold by a cottage, two by the house, and three by a mention. If we want we grow the plant’s inner house but how?  We grow some flowers in flower pots and some other type of grass which looks better in a pot for a higher rank.

As we discussed above in two factors main for this garden, one is soil and topsoil available in 3 grades . after discussions about plot need to choose the seeds like we can choose the seeds from the various type of trees. A player can grow anywhere sow the seed like anywhere in house, compartment, for gaining points.

After this, a player should also select the soil for the garden bed because soil a prime factor witch affect the intercross and quality of yield for plant-like we can use all one of all three soils if we want to good intercrossing we can choose Thanalan soil and if we want to our plant become a good quality plant that we can choose should and La Noseca soil.

now we can start planting  after choose the soil and seed  for the desired plant

How we can make it a high-quality garden with a high-quality plant?

Main factors we choose already for our garden now turn to fertilize them but it’s just an option for  a crop but if we want a high-quality crop  than we can use it in our garden with good knowledge about any fertilizer

A player can buy fertilizer from a delivery person who supplies the material related to the garden like Fishmele fertilizer, in it can only use fertilizer for  An hour.

A player can irrigate the plants according to the plant’s need and lastly harvest them when the plant has grown fully.

Know  it  in a better way

If our desire to grow many types of crops in ffxiv, that we should know in a better way  discuss it in brief about some crops in ffxiv  like Jute, onion, blood pepper, cabbage, Glazenut

  • so we can grow, well in the real world we know about Onion a vegetable and a genus of alliums but here as a player, you need to grow an onion I can say a digital onion witch can be grown by the crossing of the plants in final fantasy.    Onion in FFXIV  through crossbreeding, it’s an exciting step in our garden when we grow some onion in the garden, it is a most useful and important vegetable in this game to hit points, mostly use a Thavnairian onion in garden witch take 10 days to grow  .but before that you need a residential plot around 40 -50mil. If cannot afford that you can share a plot with your friend but if you want to crossbreed your crop you need a private plot or if possible choose deluxe garden with include with 8 beds witch is enough area you’re your crop, because if you want a Thavanirian onion crossbreed than you need to two branches in your garden one if Premium Chocobo Branch and the second one is Premium Flower Branch witch include (Mimett Gourd) crossbreed of Midland cabbage and Krakka Root and (Tantal plant) crossbreed of Krakka Root and Wizard Eggplant and on other hand premium branch include Pearl Roselle witch is a crossbreed of Almond and Coearthan Tea and Nymeia Lily which is a crossbreed of Coerthan and  Mandrake and the Thavnairian Onion a crossbreed of Mimett Gourd and Dental plant  .you can also grow the same indoor in pots and in friends house and garden after taking permission, for crossbreeding we have to play regularly because gardening takes time and we need more patience in it.
  •  Jute is a plant its shiny stamp comes in very handy in our real life and its also interesting in this game, we can grow here through crossbreeding of plants, firstly choose the Thanalan soil which increases the capacity of crossbred in the plant than take seeds, need firstly produce the Star Anise and Azeyma rose seeds and also can crossbred star anise and almond seeds witch produce the jute and we can reproduce them for More batches of Jute than we get the seed of jute and it process going on jute Azeyma roses jute Azemy roses. Should be planted in a corner of the bed (plot) Grade 3rd Thanalan soil should use in this . and harvest every 6 days.
  • Blood pepper is a hot pepper variety of dragon pepper and when we discuss blood pepper crop in final fantasy, then should a crossbred of chive and  Galzenut, glazenut a crossbred of cloud acorn and Apricot where chive a crossbred of royal fern and midland cabbage .also in it because it also a process of crossbreeding should use Thanalan soil grade 3  because it included to the crossbred and this soil grow the quality of crossbreeding as per game rules.
FFXIV Blood Pepper
FFXIV Blood Pepper
  • Drakkar root, if you want karaka root in a ffxiv, it looks like carrot vegetable one of favorite of choco buns, here we use shroud soil witch give a  better amount of yield to crop  .we use should soil layer rather than alan soil because it is not a process of crossbreeding here we use only seeds name Chocobo seeds which we can buy from our material supplier it is grown within three days.
  • Cloudsbreath gardening, in cloud breath gardening it’s a type of Delux herb and Nut seed it can be planting from crossbreeding.
  • Royal fern in final fantasy, Royal furn is a beautiful plant, and it also can be arranged in our final fantasy garden by cross-breeding where we grow blood pepper, chive, Glazenut, and Midland cabbage. The Royal furn produce by Blood pepper and old World fig crossbreeding  .also demand for  Thanalan soil

it gets interesting when we talked about shards or crystals related to crafting, it sounds cool like the sound it makes the game also cool,  It used as a weapon in this for surviving in the game its help to player defeat itself from enemies and work as a link of trading, and help in the voyage.  there is any type of crystal contain elemental energy for defeating many types of enemies high powered crystal helps to safe from high power enemy, some of the crystal term in it, Protean Crystals, lighting crystals.

There are many types of shard,   crystal, and cluster available at every level  like

Fire shard, Ice Shard, wind shard, Earth Shard, lightning shard, water shard, fire crystal, Ice Crystal, Wind Crystal, Earth crystal, lighting crystal and many clusters here as same water cluster, wind cluster, Lighting cluster, ice Cluster, and many more according to there name they have the energy of that type, item no.1 have all shards, item no. 25 have all crystal and item no. 50 have all cluster. These all make it more interesting and adventurous that should be a game.

This is a game that connects New generation to Nature with technology, it’s funny and full of adventures a revolution factor involved in it that it brings a tone of agriculture In youth with some little investment witch increase nature love.

Founder of FFXIV garden invent a huge platform for the nature lover in a technical way where a  player prepares his/her  Chocomo companion to garden, a world where grow the crops according to the rules of ffxiv witch create an interest in a player, Nowadays humans usually not interested In farming but by this game, we involved indirectly to our environment witch release interest in real life in us to connect self to the gardening witch is a good thing.

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