Things to Remember while Preparing Coffee at Home

People always try to do every possible thing in order to make coffee that tastes good. So, today we are going to tell you how you can make it happen. We drink many hot beverages but we cannot prepare them all in one method. If we talk about coffee, it is the toughest job to prepare a satisfactory cup of coffee at home.

We go to café especially to have that taste of coffee which we look for and we also feel that our coffee should also taste like it is made by somebody professional. You cannot be able to do it until you try important things. Even if you get the most expensive brand of coffee, still you will feel that it doesn’t taste that great. It’s because making coffee is an art and you need to first of all train yourself in that art.

If you want to be best at making coffee that you can prepare it with its best flavor anywhere, then you have to keep few things in your mind before preparing coffee. These things are as follows:

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You need to buy fresh beans:

If you want the best taste in your coffee, you need to choose fresh beans for your coffee. You can roast coffee beans not too long before you need them. Some people roast coffee beans at home, which is the best. There are people who even prefer buying roasted coffee from their local roasters. But we recommend you to roast them at home because that’s the only way that you can get them fresh.

Also, when you buy coffee from stores, you need to be careful about few things. Make sure that the coffee you buy is not kept in the place where there is bright light. In fact coffee should not even come in contact of oxygen that can even impact its flavor. People who are generally into serious business of coffee selling, they not that it has to be kept in sealed bags or something like that. This is the reason that we suggest you to roast coffee at your home.

Store coffee in the right way:

Another important thing is related to storage of coffee. Well, we don’t suggest you to buy more than a week’s coffee beans as per your requirement and store them on room temperature especially in an airtight container.

Experts advise not to refrigerate roasted beans as they catch moisture. So, please don’t store them that way. Otherwise, the coffee prepared by you would not get the best flavor.

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Choose good quality of coffee beans whenever possible:

There are too many coffee brands available in the market which makes it quite difficult for you to choose the right one. In order to make sure that you are choosing the right coffee, you can check the details like the country or region it comes from. If you know that coffee is majorly available in two brands these are Arabica and Robusta. On the one hand, Arabica beans are largely produced and it is even a reliable brand of coffee. Make sure that you go with the ones that says 100 per cent pure beans.

But if you need something which is cheaper, then you can go with Robusta. This type of coffee is high on caffeine with harsh flavors. So, you can decide accordingly because other than these two brands also we have many more. You can even select the type of coffee as per your own culture.

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Grind the coffee in chlorine free water:

You need to be very careful while grinding your coffee. You cannot use any water because the pot of coffee can be ruined by tap water which has chlorine content in it. So, use either filtered water or bottled water. Distilled water is a no for coffee because it worsens the flavor of the coffee. Thus, grind your coffee by yourself.

Go with good filters:

Secondly, you need to be very careful about the coffee filters that use. Make sure you have the ones which only give you a cup of coffee with its best flavor. Oxygen bleached according to experts is better one why because oxygen can ruin the taste of coffee. Another option that you go with gold plated filter which is more durable. They yield best flavor of coffee.

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Never skimp on the coffee:

You need to even work upon the quantity of coffee for each cup and it completely depends your own taste also because some people need much better taste while the others avoid it.

Two tablespoons is good for a small cup. You can also plus or minus it according to you.

Prepare coffee on the right amount of heat:

If you add coffee to too much hot water, the taste of coffee will be bitter not pleasant. Usually the right temperature for brewing coffee is 200°F or you can see it this way also. Boil coffee for 45 seconds on good heat. After you have brewed coffee, it cannot hold its best flavor for long, so drink it as quickly as possible. Reheating is not recommended as it can ruin the taste of coffee.

Prepare the coffee in the clean equipment:

You need to ensure the cleanliness and neatness of the equipment which you use for making coffee as they can have oily buildup. Clean them every few weeks. To remove any mineral deposits, you can even use a strong solution of vinegar once in a month. Then wash it completely.


So, these were a few tips to have the best taste of coffee. It’s not always the person who prepares it. If you keep all the above-mentioned tips in mind, you can very easily get the best flavor in your coffee.

The next time you go to prepare coffee, please follow our idea and feel the difference. If this does not happen at once, maybe after three or four trials, you will be able to get the best flavor in your coffee too. All the best!

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