Bladder Cancer

Usually, we all know cancer is a  disease not easy to survive with it but many people in this world survive and win in this.  So we should not be afraid of this disease and only handle it with will and care.

Cancer is the deadliest disease which slowly keeps the body from digging in and who suffering from it that person doesn’t even know about this, it can be developed in any part of your body by any cause many causes hide behind this disease and mainly Negative cells reproduction, which spread In the body lastly become the cause of death a human one of type is cancer Bladder cancer.

What is Bladder Cancer?

Bladder cancer is a type of cancer, commonly found in humans, which begins in the bladder cell.

Bladder Cancer
Bladder Cancer

And what is the bladder?

Bladder (Human Anatomy) is a very important organ of the human body it is  In our lower abdomen (belly ) that stores the urine, urine is a waste product made of water and dissolved waste that is filtered or made by kidneys and its travels from two tubes called ureters to the bladder, it is very important to exclude the toxic elements or wastage from the body that is one of the main processes for a healthy body in which the bladder along with the kidney also has the main role.

How a bladder works in a healthy body?

Bladder work as a controller for urine, which means it holds the urine to flow,  some muscle tissue layers by lined help to hold urine, during urine passes bladder muscles squeeze, and two valves open to allow urine to flow out.

 Is your urinary tract ok?

If you are having any problem while passing urine so you should check it with a health expert without any hesitation it can become harmful for you in form of bladder cancer.

How does a bladder go into the clutches of cancer?

Cancer is a cell-related disease that can develop in your any part In body same when it begins in the cell of bladder is called bladder cancer, well there is not an exact cause for bladder cancer but some things maybe  become a cause of bladder cancer like,

  1. Gender (Male affected by bladder cancer mostly rather than women) and a male get three-time bladder cancer high risk for Man and usually   risk more for Americans, Africans
  2. Age (when you get old means age also can be a risk factor)can be said according to data it mostly finds In more than 55 of age.
  3. Kidney and bladder stone
  4. Already suffering from a disease (if you are already a patient or a cancer patient it can increase the risk of bladder cancer )
  5. Your lifestyle (if you  are drinking abnormally, smoking, consume tobacco or any other type of drugs ) one of a habit of smoking is a high risk for bladder cancer
  6. Genetic (one major risk is family, it can be  family disease )
  7. It can be a side effect of any cancer treatment
  8. Urinary infection
  9. Exposure to certain chemicals
  10. Bladder irritation
  11. Bladder infected or defected from birth

Usually, bladder cancer begins in the inner lining part of the bladder, it can be deadly if not caught in time, and time is always the main thing in cancer cases .same in bladder cancer case if it identified by the patient in time then it can be treated and the patient will be normal in Males recovery rate better than Man, and a  Male can survive with it for 10 years and female can 5 years according to data, so how we can identify a bladder cancer, every disease has symptoms same in bladder cancer have some symptoms and signs all can help to a human recognized it in time.

Some signs and symptoms of bladder Cancer

  • Blood in urine
  • Unusual pain
  • Pain in back (lower back)
  • Feeling tired
  • Incontinence
  • Weakness
  •  Weight loss
  • Pain during urination
  • Feeling itchy
  • Feeling Uncomfort during urine
  • Frequent urination (feeling for pee also after pass it )
  • The problem in passing urine  (Want to pass urine but cannot do )

these all symptoms tells that you are a  bladder cancer patient,

If you are feeling any symptoms or signs, you can make an appointment and check up for advance advice from experts. It helps in the treatment of bladder cancer.

how can treat it, so we can treat it if get it on time otherwise we are getting late,after-feeling any symptom in your bladder than go for treatment and experts identified your stage of cancer than they will work on the root of the problem and solve it, everyone should to aware about health because it is very important?

Symptoms of Bladder Cancer
Symptoms of Bladder Cancer

treatment of bladder cancer available In our medical science only needs awareness in people about their health. There are many ribbon signs for people’s awareness, different colors ribbon uses,  blue, yellow, and purple ribbon use as a symbol of bladder cancer helps in recognizing.

Nowadays many types of treatment used by doctor and experts but according to the stage and type of cancer, in the case of bladder cancer available not a common test for it and normally check patient urine by urinal test, or when you feel the sign of bladder cancer you also may give your sample to a lab for checkup, can be say urine test first need to treat it, after than experts start procedure according to cancer stage and cancer type.

There is many way for cure of bladder cancer and a common way to treat cancer is surgery, and surgery also use for bladder cancer treatment

Other treatment ways and an option for bladder surgery

  • Transurethral resection (TURBT ) treatment to identify the stage of that cancer.
  • bladder cancer surgery (a first obvious type of treatment for cancer, in any case, is surgery but according to the situation of the patient).
  • Chemotherapy for bladder cancer  (chemotherapy is drug treatment for killing the cells (negative cell)often used by experts in cancer treatment, mostly referred by a doctor rather than surgery,              shrinks the tumor that makes it easy to remove it.
  • Radical cystectomy – this treatment is used instead of chemotherapy if anyone is not ready for chemo.
  • Immunotherapy is used for cancer treatment for boosting the natural defense to fight cancer to help in making a good immune system.
  • Remove the bladder – sometimes in critical condition, it is also a treatment that can change your whole life because once the bladder is removed from your body many things habits will be changed in life like traveling, bathing. The surgeon uses other techniques for your new bladder to use a piece of intestine to make a new bladder that plays the role of the bladder in your body helps to pass the urine or can be replaced by an artificial bladder.
  • Transurethral resection – find out the growth of cancer in the bladder wall.

You can  save yourself from bladder  cancer because some things in our hands and some not but if we want control over cancer we should leave some bad habits and adopt good habits in lifelike,

  • Do not smoke
  • Control on alcohol drinking
  • Eat healthy food
  • Healthy vegetable in the diet like if you are a bladder cancer survivor  add cruciferous and leafy vegetable in your diet include cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, etc,
  • Take Proteins rich diet, for eg pulses, eggs, seafood  avoid red meat and some dairy products  milk, yogurt, cheese
  • Do not take stress in daily routine
  • Do yoga, exercise, join the gym give some time for  yourself
  • Avoid constipation
  • Use the bathroom when needed.

constipation – if you feel that you are suffering from constipation then take advice from a doctor.

drink the right amount of water neither too much nor less.

If you want you can win from any disease even if it is bladder cancer with your strong mindset.

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