COVID 19 Pandemic and Ayurveda Remedy for Immunity

COVID 19 is a global outbreak of a disease. A pandemic is an epidemic that has occurred worldwide and has affected most of the areas by crossing boundaries of not only cities, states and even countries. It is a disease that has covered almost all the areas and masses of population. This spread has been widespread and affected the maximum number of people within days and weeks.

A pandemic could hurt a lot number of the population. It creates a cry of sorrow for the people. It could spread in many in no time soon. Thinking of a solution right after a pandemic hits becomes even tough.  When the interpretation of the pandemic is not easy.

Because a pandemic does not usually have a single symptom and way of transferring. On initial days, it seems easy for everyone that the interpretation is quite easy due to having fewer symptoms. But, with the passage of time the symptoms and the way of transfer get high in number.

This is even a big problem for scientists. They are also finding it difficult to solve the puzzle of disease outbreaks so that it does not harm more people.

There are many examples of this “pandemic” term. Like, Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014-2016, the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil in 2014, and the current working virus COVID- 19. It has affected many areas to date including many countries in the row.

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What is COVID- 19?

Corona Virus or (COVID- 19) is a newly discovered disease. It is an infectious disease and has a great outbreak in many countries. It can cause respiratory problems to patients.  It is spreading through masses from getting in contact with each other.

It is not just a single virus rather; it is a family of viruses. Having a disease called COVID- 19 could have circumstances where there could be serious problems or just a common cold.

It has its range from the common cold to some very serious respiratory issues. It also depends on how strong the immune system of the individual is. It can also lead to the death of the individual if proper medical care is not provided to the person in time.

Origin of COVID- 19

It has been said that the pandemic first occurred for the very first time in Wuhan. A city located in China’s Hubei. No doubt after that the spread of the disease has led to a serious point. Where the disease has taken the form of a pandemic.

In China, its initials were found in December 2019. It has taken a major form in early 2020. It has made its wide outbreak in 2020. With people being zero percent aware of the fact that it could take the form of such a big pandemic that could cause harm to many lives in a row. It started in China and affected many countries.

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Symptoms of COVID-19 :

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Problem while breathing
  • Acute respiratory syndrome
  • Pneumonia
  • Failure of kidney or death can also happen

Misunderstanding COVID-19

People are also getting a false impression of having COVID-19 because its symptoms are quite similar to the common cold, flu, or fever. Not all fever or coughing indicates a coronavirus. Because of the well-heard word these days COVID- 19, people are considering normal flu problems as coronavirus.

Not all diseases indicate corona virus. They are having this fear of being infected by corona virus. Their fear makes them feel that the normal symptoms of flu are a symptom of the pandemic.

Understanding the corona virus is easy but people are misunderstanding it because of the fear that pandemic has created in the population. There is nothing to worry about the issue. Yes it is a pandemic but there are preventions that can help all in escaping from this pandemic. But prevention is a must. Without prevention survival in this pandemic era is not possible.

One should take uttermost preventions in order to stay safe from the disease. Otherwise it could cause serious problems that could even lead to death.

Preventive measures

  • Stay home
  • Wear a mask
  • Wear gloves
  • Stay away from the person having coughing or respiratory problems
  • Wash hands regularly and properly as many times as possible in a day
  • Use sanitizer

All these above-written points are some preventive measures that could help us. In keeping ourselves safe from this disease.

Countries where COVID-19 has an outbreak

United States Brazil India Russia
Peru Chile Spain United Kingdom
Mexico     Iran     Italy     Pakistan
Saudi Arabia South Africa Turkey Germany
France Bangladesh Colombia Canada
Qatar China Argentina Egypt
Sweden Indonesia Iraq Belarus
Ecuador Belgium United Arab Emirates Kuwait
Kazakhstan Netherlands Ukraine Oman
Philippines Singapore Portugal Bolivia
Panama Dominican Republic Poland Afghanistan
Israel Switzerland Bahrain Armenia
Nigeria Romania Ireland Honduras
Guatemala Azerbaijan Japan Austria
    Moldova     Algeria     Serbia     Nepal
    Cameroon     Morocco     South Korea     Denmark
    Czech Republic     Uzbekistan     Sudan     Norway
    Australia     Malaysia      El Salvador     Kyrgyzstan
    Kenya     Venezuela Senegal      DR Congo
    Finland     North Macedonia Haiti Tajikistan
    Bulgaria      Ethiopia Gabon Guinea
    Bosnia and      Herzegovina Costa Rica French Guiana Mauritania
Djibouti State of Palestine Luxembourg Hungary
Central African Republic Greece Madagascar Croatia
Thailand Equatorial Guinea Albania Somalia
Nicaragua Mayotte Paraguay Maldives
Cuba Mali Sri Lanka South Sudan
Estonia Lebanon Zambia Iceland
Lithuania Malawi Slovakia Guinea- Bissau
Slovenia Sierra Leone Congo New Zealand
Cabo Verde Hong Kong Yemen Tunisia
Benin Libya Rwanda Jordan
Latvia Niger Eswatini Mozambique
Cyprus Burkina Faso Uganda Uruguay
Georgia Liberia Montenegro Chad
Andorra Zimbabwe Jamaica Sao Tome & Principe
San Marino San Marino Togo Malta
Suriname Channel Islands Namibia Tanzania
Taiwan Angola Syria Vietnam
Mauritius Isle of Man Myanmar Botswana
Comoros Guyana Martinique Mongolia
Eritrea Cayman Islands Burundi Faeroe Islands
Guadeloupe Gibraltar Bermuda Brunei
Trinidad and Tobago Monaco Aruba Bahamas
Barbados Lesotho Liechtenstein Seychelles
Bhutan Sint Maarten Antigua and Barbuda French Polynesia
Gambia Turks and Caicos Macao Saint Martin
Belize St. Vincent & Grenadines Timor-Leste Grenada
Saint Lucia New Caledonia Fiji Laos
Dominica Saint Kitts & Nevis Greenland Falkland Islands
Holy See Montserrat Papua New Guinea Western Sahara
MS Zaandam British Virgin Islands Caribbean Netherlands Saint Barthelemy
Anguilla Saint Pierre & Miquelon


All these above written names are of the countries that have fallen in the pandemic affected area.

Most affected Countries


This country has crossed many records of other countries from China to South Korea. It has crossed the number of cases of corona virus in comparison to South Korea and China.  From 0 to 240,000  till  02 April. Also the death increased with the passage of the growing of the pandemic in the country.

The problem that was actually running behind was increase in the number of cases in the country due to community spread and less availability of test kits in the country. Also the absence of lockdown in the country made people have continuous social interactions. Ultimately that led to community spread.


In Europe the most affected country is Italy. It was the most-affected one among all the countries that suffered from pandemic. Situations were more severe there. Italy ranked among the highest number of deaths due to corona virus. Reason behind such great outbreak of pandemic in Italy was the travel permissions.

The high number of cases of the people suffering from COVID 19 caused a great number of deaths. But the government took the situation very seriously and opted for the nationwide ‘lock-down’.


It has also crossed many countries in the number of cases. The first case came to the country on 01 February. Cases there in Spain reached its height in not more than few hours. Things became more critical and Princess Maria Teresa died due to corona virus.

After Italy the second most affected European country is Spain. Country took the nationwide ‘lock-down’ step. In order to save many lives living in the country. The government asked the institutions to have a proper pause. Also, there was planning done so that students can study from home. Similarly, employers were asked to make the employees work from home.


Yes, Germany too is in the list of the most affected country. Like other countries here too the number of cases ranked high as the situations got worse. Preventive steps were taken there too. The government banned all the events. All the institutions were asked to make a pause. Even the step of study from home through video chats was implied then.


Other than Wuhan, there are other cities and states in the country also which got affected by the pandemic. More than 3000 deaths had occurred in China. Hubei, the worst affected province in China. At the initial times, China covered the 74% cases globally but now with the spreading of the pandemic China has come down to 10%.

Social distancing and Staying at Home

Yes these words are tough to practice. But in this pandemic situation in lack of no treatment, there is nothing much that can be done in order to save ourselves and our family. The one and only option provided is prevention and prevention could only be done through making less contact to each other and staying at home.

As it has helped many countries in order to save lives of their citizens. People should take it seriously. Other than getting frightened by the pandemic, one should work on staying at home and staying away from the people. Social distancing is practically possible and a cure to it whether we believe or not.

Hope is the place where we are safe. If we are staying at home and not letting others enter the house. Then it is definitely safe. We should right not try to make as less contact as possible with others.

COVID-19 in India

India is the country with around 135.26 crores of population. Having being unaware about the spread of the pandemic with such speed caused the country a problem. Now we can clearly see an increase in the number of cases in India.

The first case in India came to knowledge on 30 January, 2020 in Kerala. And since then the cases in India went on hike with the passage of time. The government in India decided to go for a nationwide ‘lock-down’ for 21 days. A lockdown situation has affected the economy and the population of the country very badly. All the institutions were asked to call a pause right away. Employees were asked to work from home. Government assured that all the poverty-ridden people should get enough food to feed themselves whilst under the situation of pandemic. ‘Lock-down’ went on in five simultaneous counting.

WHO (World Health Organization) did even praised India for its responses towards the pandemic. The way India handled the situation in the country is appraising. On July 1, in India it happened to be the first day of ‘unlocking’ the country. It was reported by The Deep Knowledge Group reports that India ranked 56th of 200 countries in COVID- 19 Safety Assessment Report. Observing the earlier situations where India tackled the situation very well in the pandemic. WHO said about the tendencies of India that its solving and handling skills of the situation is pretty good.

Other than those things, The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi encouraged the ‘corona fighters’ & ‘corona warriors’ of the country. He even requested to the whole nation to clap for the fighters and warriors in order to encourage them. Subsequently he made a request to light up the candles and diyas for the fighters and warriors which was wholeheartedly followed by the whole nation.

Cases in India are still reaching the heights. Lockdown has been laid off.

Confirmed cases in India till 8 July 2020 – 742,417

Recoveries – 456,831

Deaths in country – 20,642

Active cases -264,944

Fatality rate –  2.78%

What is Ayurveda?

‘Ayurveda’ is a ‘sanskrit’ term that ultimately means ‘knowledge of life’. Ayurveda is 5000 years old medication system. It has its roots in India. It helps in preventing human body from getting caught by some disease. People in India are used to Ayurveda since past five thousand years. It helps in increasing the immunity level of the individual.

Some activities of ayurveda that people follow in order to keep their body fit are meditation, massage yoga and dietary changes. Ayurveda asks for some perfect steps and activities to make the body fit and healthy. It definitely requires some hard work from an individual but in response keeps them fit.

People in India choose it because it is relieving and does not ask for multiple drugs to be taken for keeping one’s body fit. It increases the immunity level of the body. It restricts the entry of major diseases in the body. It works on reducing the ‘doshas’ from one’s body. Cocurrently, it works on increasing the immunity level and restrictive ability of the body towards the disease.

It works towards the natural therapies. Ayurveda says that a body gets caught into a disease because of the imbalance. Imbalance or stress affects the person’s consciousness. It states about natural therapies in order to bring back the balance of the body.

People usually take ayurveda as prevention. They opt for it for making their body restrictive to major diseases. Also, one can easily keep his body away from eating so many drugs. These medicines at some point of life could be harmful to the body. It works in a very natural way through herbs and other such medicated plants. Also, oils and some common species are involved in the treatment.

Ayurveda is helpful in increasing the immunity level

Medicine for COVID- 19 is yet not available to cure the pandemic’s affect. So experts say till the time there is no medicine or cure available to the pandemic, we can opt for ayurveda as the best option. This could definitely help us in boosting our body’s immune system. In fact, it can even help us save our body from COVID- 19 or its effects.

In Ayurveda, experts usually focus on the herbs and yoga. Herbs like tulsi, black pepper, cinnamon, etc. are used in Ayurveda very effectively. Also, they advise to use some great things while cooking like coriander, turmeric and cumin. They also ask to have jaggery, lemon juice and chyavanprash  in morning. All these things are definitely going to help in increasing the immunity level of the body.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi also focused on Ayurveda. He focused to choose it to increase the immunity of the body. The Ayush Mantralaya of India says to do 30 minutes medication and pranayam, and consume warm water daily. All these things are also helpful in increasing the immunity level of the body against corona virus.

It is the best thing to keep your immunity level high. If you do not have a perfect cure for the pandemic. We should make ourselves strong in order to combat the disease. It is because we do not have a solution to the disease.

The Ayurvedic herbs that help in increasing the immunity level are :

  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Garlic
  • Neem
  • Fenugreek
  • Basil

Ginger  – It is always considered as the best herb in combating many diseases. It helps in increasing the immunity level. As it is the spicy herb, so it helps in keeping the body warm from inside. Ginger is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it has the properties that help in increasing the immunity level of the body.

  1. Ginger could be taken with tea.
  2. Ginger could be taken with honey.
  3. Ginger could be taken with lemon drink.

Turmeric  –  It is already a herb that we humans use in our daily food. We are already aware of the common use of this medicinal spice. But we don’t know that it can also be helpful in increasing the immunity level of the body. So people usually have turmeric milk to increase the immunity level of body.

Garlic – It is also the remedy in boosting the immunity system of the body. Garlic has the property of fighting against the germs of the diseases. Garlic is included in this list because it is very helpful.

Neem – It is added as the important part of ayurveda. Experts consider it as the one helping a lot of problems. It is used in most of the medicines that ayurveda makes. It helps in keeping the body away from common infections. People usually consume it for boosting the immunity system of the body. Even though there is no scientific evidence of all the listed elements as the cure for novel corona virus. But it can help in boosting the immunity level.

Neem can also help in saving your teeth from multiple problems like plaque. It also helps in keeping your teeth good.

Fenugreek – It helps in making the immunity level good and improving the health conditions. We can consume it in powder form. We can make tea of fenugreek seeds. Else we can simply boil it with normal water and drink it. They can also be taken in the form of capsules. But yes it could have little side effects as well.

Basil – It has always been said that basil leaves are the best to solve body related issues. Basil in India is always considered holy. People in India also worship basil. Basil always helps in solving many issues of the body. Basil helps in relieving the stomach problem especially bloating and gastic problems.

All that is added in the list above as remedies or for boosting the immunity level are not scientifically proven as helpful in corona virus. But as it is said or are considered as natural remedy for many bodily issues. It has actually helped many in getting relaxed from many internal body problems. So people consider taking it as a good option for increasing the immunity level.

People have found it helpful for many years so they take it as remedy in today’s pandemic era.

Pandemics are always an issue to the population. They create a mess, fear among the people obviously. But one should never lose hope like earlier too we humans have won over the pandemics this time also we will be winning against the pandemic. Problems come definitely, it takes time in getting a solution to it. But there’s always a solution to the problem that we face. Losing hope could only make the situation worse in pandemic. Following the safety measures could help us in keeping ourselves safe against the pandemic. Negativity could make us weak. But positivity could strengthen us in all the ways.