Heart Cancer – Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Nowadays cardiovascular disease is reaching its peak day by day and heart Cancer is one of them.

The Heart Falls ill – Heart Cancer

Heart Cancer – Heart Cancer identified when a tumor forms in the heart but not all tumor is cancer some can be cancerous, Cancer is one of dangerous disease in the human body it begins in cells when some cells developing something unlike the body’s systems and prove to be a threat to the body. same in the heart it originates in soft tissues of the heart .mostly the cardiac tumor of the heart is a high-risk factor of cancer in the heart that is a rare case in cardiac patients.

It often happens that the patient does not know about the heart disease when it develops inside your body, then we are aware of that yes it sounds quite shocking to hear that your heart fall ill it scares us because when the heart beats, only then can we stay alive like As a car engine has failed means car you are and engine your heart.

But we should do not scared by it because every problem has a solution and solution of heart cancer and other heart diseases exist in our medical science but aware about your lifestyle, food, and drink that greatly affects your innocent heart especially with increasing your age and do not take so much stress because your heart also affected by your mindset.

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Let know more About Heart Cancer

Heart cancer as we discussed above the heart cancer developing by a major problem of tissues cells unusual growth that becomes a cause of tumor and often tumor cause of heart cancer, and most often sarcoma a type of cancer begins in the heart .well cause cannot be recognized but some causes leads its chances in the body.

Some Causes of Heart Cancer

  • Previous cancer or tumor in body Nearer to the heart like breast cancer and lung cancer, it can spread through bloodstreams.
  • Radiation –it can define some negative energy that can enter your body through anything or a device. it’s intangible means you cannot see, touch, or feel it but it can harm your body and become a cause of dangerous disease for your heart like cancer.
  • Bad habits (addictions) –some bad habits of consuming and drink un useful but harmful things like Tobacco a type of addiction it contains highly addictive stimulant alkaloid nicotine (a poisonous material present in some plants it uses in drugs) it can be consumed by humans in form of cigars, cigarettes and also in the packet for chewing. its high-risk factor for your heart and other organs means it also becomes the cause of much other cancer. if you are consuming it means consume poison.
  • Uncontrollable growth of cells –it is the main reason for any cancer same in the case of heart cancer.
  • Tumor –mainly a risk factor for heart cancer when a tumor grows in heart soft tissues not in every tumor case.

If seen, heart disease is the major cause of death these days, one of them is heart cancer. but why heart disease is being found the most in people’s health problems these days?

Your heart can be affected by your lifestyle, drink, and food or stressful life .because nowadays drinking, food, everything is either low hetal or people eat anything without thinking and when these people fall ill, they start their treatment without any expert advice which can prove be dangerous so be aware and check yourself from health experts if you feel some unusual signs in your body and you should check yourself on a routine basis. Are you suffering from heart cancer? You can determine it by some warning signs in your body.

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Some symptoms or signs of Heart Cancer

  • Breathing Problem – difficulty in breathing during sleep or when you want to relax
  • Palpitation, a sensation in the heart, heartbeats not normally sometimes beat extra or skipped beat, normally our attention does not go our breath, but in case of heart related disease or lungs related disease our attention goes to our breath again and again because we have difficulty in taking breath due to which our heartbeat rate is higher sometimes or lower sometimes.
  • Sensation in chest, Neck, or Mouth(Throat) –feel pressure in chest, tightness, and pain in chest same with Neck and throat
  • Tiredness and body pain, weight loss (Body Wasting) – body fat can be reduced, feeling tiredness without even not attempted any heavy task.
  • Heart tumor – this sign cannot be identified by you but by experts, if you feel some abnormal with your body or upper mentioned signs then you can make an appointment for your checkup, and experts treat It professionally.
  • The tumor often risks heart cancer.

Heart cancer is a deadly disease and anyone can suffer from it, the survival rate of this disease is 10% according to data.

Any person who is a heart cancer patient can live for a maximum of 5 or 2 years.

Well it is not a very scary disease but you need to aware of your health your breaths and make sure you are feet and healthy,

If you want to keep yourself far away from a disease like cancer or heart cancer, then you can keep, sometimes a lot of things happening in our body in life which we have no idea and we are living our life very comfortably without paying attention to health and another side we also get some warning signs so we take them lightly and ignored which is a big mistake we should treat ourselves keeping them in mind.

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What are the ways you can stay away from heart cancer?

Firstly It is not enough for you to be physically strong, you will also have to be strong by the brain (mentally).

  • Build Mental health – mostly we fall ill when we are mentally disturbed due to any cause like professional, relations and anything else pressure and take the stress so much, we didn’t take so much stress and should take care of ourselves because health is always above everything and if are already a patient of heart cancer so it more must for that person to care themselves not only by medicine but also by the strong brain which is most important for cancer survival. and our mental health also affects our mood, daily task, and results which put a negative vibe to our physical body.
  • Do exercise – Need to give time to your body at least 10 minutes from your busy schedule and I think it’s not difficult by doing some exercise, exercise makes body muscles strong, and strong muscles make your heart healthy and give it the energy to pump in a better way. when muscles become efficient then your blood vessels become more active and work properly.
  • Choose a good lifestyle – a good lifestyle means good physical tasks like, do not to addict yourself to any type of drugs.

Do not – do not smoke, do not take alcohol drink takes only on special occasions if want, don’t consume to tobacco.

Do – active every day, walk for short distance instead of riding.

Take healthier food rather than testy food – Add green vegetables, proteins, other sources of energy in your diet rather than some tasty food which only gives tests like cheesy pizza, Berger take these feet but occasionally.

Active in daily routine task physically  

 Calm and control your mind in every situation.

Maintain body,

  • Play – playing for a fresh mind and body, if you don’t want to do exercise playing with friends not online physically. like badminton, outdoor games.

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Routine if you are a heart cancer patient

As per upper details must add these habits in  your life with a strong mindset and if you know that you are a heart-related problem don’t take stress too much

What you should add to your diet as a heart cancer patient 

A green and cruciferous  vegetable, food rich with  fibers (reduce inflammation and insulin resistance, your diet repair your damaged cell with a cure of medicine,

Vitamin B, Vitamin D.

Ignore fat, fat can cause ill heart it increases the level of unhealthy cholesterol or if you a lover of oily things so do not fall in love or you can use healthy and less oil in the diet.

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Treatment for Heart Cancer

Normally when we hear about heart cancer or any other cancer we are scared but our medical science nowadays has solutions and treatment for every disease same in the case as heart cancer treatment also possible with the help of medical experts and surgeons.

Mainly surgery is common and principal to treat cancer same in heart cancer it is important to step to cure it.

But surgery why? Surgery one way to remove your heart tumor which is a  cause of your heart cancer and surgery often use by a doctor and reduce the risk of patient death. it is risky but also important for treatment, often it is done by an expert hand and should be done by them because it is a sensitive case.

Purpose of surgery, surgery helps to remove the unnecessary area from the body in case of heart cancer it is helpful for removal of tumor it is done by some special experts team of surgeons  .but before taking any action for surgery experts applied other treatments like chemotherapy chemo often uses in cancer treatment it helps in starting treatment of any cancer disease and also use in case of heart cancer, chemo normally uses at the primary stage of the tumor, and another one is radiation therapy for a patient, both therapy help in cancer treatment and also drugs helpful for a cure.

Surgery cannot be used when your tumor large and the tumor location not accurate or on the left side of your heart. these all treatments by experts can give you a better long life.

Day by day the rate of death increase by cause of heart cancer, one of the major reason for the death of both male and female in The US (United States),

It emerges as a serious matter so we need to protect ourselves from this one dangerous disease for self, friends, and relatives, also spread awareness about it in society.

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