How to prepare chocolate from cocoa beans?

Today we are going to talk how chocolate is prepared. Well, it is a very lengthy process behind developing the taste which leaves you surprised. Every year millions are spent to manufacture chocolates because people all across the world like to eat chocolate a lot. But even if you are a chocolate lover, you may now be aware with the process in which chocolate is prepared.

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Preparation of Chocolate

All the chocolates are prepared with the fruit from the cacao tree. The cocoa beans are actually grown inside the pods. This fruit on the cacao tree tastes like mango and is very juicy as mango is also very juicy. There is a fermentation of beans for a week to get the dry beans with the exact flavor which is required for the preparation of chocolate.

These beans further need to be roasted. Afterward, inner nibs are extracted from them which are just like nuts and crunchy having an earthy flavor. These nibs are actually a combination of cocoa solids and cocoa butter in the same proportion.

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In the next stage, the chocolate paste is prepared by grinding these nibs. Once the paste is ready. This paste is then ground once again with sugar and other ingredients according to the kind of chocolate that needs to be prepared. These ingredients generally include lecithin, vanilla, and milk powder. These ingredients are used for milk chocolate. They may vary if are for dark chocolate. There other ingredients also like vegetable oil or corn syrup which can even be added but that varies too.

When the cocoa paste is ground the second time, it is to make it very smooth, so that there are not particles of sugar are not left. This is called conching basically. This process takes a lot of time from 24 to 72 hours.

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After this is done, a lot of other ingredients can be added too for flavor and then they can be given different shapes to sell in the market.