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There are different types of carrots available in the market which have their unique health benefits. You will see that there are different colour of carrots in different countries. Every culture also has a different cooking style. These different colour of carrots are also quite different when it comes to their taste. Eating carrots could be extremely healthy, so read this article to get more details.

Today, we will talk about the health benefits of carrots, the substances which are found in carrots and how they are eaten, where they exactly come from and how colour of carrots can make the taste of carrots different.

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Although you won’t experience much difference in their taste as they just change slightly. The difference in taste is only evident when you eat them raw and not when cooked. All these different types of carrots are rich in one or the other nutrients. So, let’s see how they are different from each other.

Yellow Colour Carrots

Yellow carrots are very rich in xanthophylls this is beta carotene. It is good for the eyes. If you consume these types of carrots, they can help you prevent tumour and other types of cancers. These largely come from the Middle East.

Orange Colour Carrots

Let’s first of all talk about orange colour of carrots. These carrots are widely found on the planet earth. They were originated from Holland in 17th century. But this was not the first time that we got this vegetable. This vegetable was long in use but in different colours before this time.

Orange Colour Carrots
Orange Colour Carrots

Orange carrots are very rich in Vitamin A like any other type of carrots. All the carrots have this vitamin. This vitamin is very helpful in treating diseases like heart problem, liver disease, blurred vision, digestion, inflammation or any other skin related issues. There is beta-carotene which is found in Vitamin A. This is the very helpful in maintaining our overall health by staying away from all types of diseases.

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Well, these carrots contain alpha and beta carotene, which are both present in them because of the colour orange. Our body further converts beta carotene in Vitamin A. This improves our immune system. Vitamin A is good for our different organ as it maintain our better health. These carrots come from the Middle East or Europe.

Purple Colour Carrots

Well, these types of carrots are very attractive because the purple colour gives them a beautiful look. But they are not completely purple. When you peel them you will find that they are orange inside. Purple carrots are sweet in taste. This taste is combined with a pepper-like taste sometimes. You can eat purple carrots the same way like any other carrots like raw, in salads or you can even make pickle out of them.

Purple Colour Carrots
Purple Colour Carrots

These carrots are very good in fighting with free radicals which are harmful to our body. They have anthocyanins which help you fight with the heart problem as it prevents any kind of blood clotting. These types of carrots come from Turkey or the Middle East.

Red Colour Carrots

Red carrots are also quite similar to orange carrots in terms of taste. They have lycopene in them which is a kind of antioxidant. This antioxidant is also found in tomatoes. This antioxidant can prevent many severe diseases like cancer, brain-related problems and vision-related issues.

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You can also eat these carrots in different ways either raw or in the soup. In fact, they are used in even more creative manner in many other cultures.

Red Colour Carrots
Red Colour Carrots

If consume these carrots, then you can very easily improve your heart health because they have lycopene in them. This is another type of carotene. These carrots can even fight with different types of cancers. These come from China and India.

White Colour Carrots

These are also called golden carrots. White carrots are very different in taste as compared to any other types of carrots. These are very much sweet in taste. You can get very good texture in food, if you add while carrots because they give the good an attractive pale look. We recommend you to eat them roasted, but you can even add them in different food items such as chicken and fresh herbs or potato dishes. This even goes well with the soups.

White Colour Carrots
White Colour Carrots

Some people find these carrots not a healthy choice. They have phytochemicals in them, which can promote your health. They come from Pakistan and Afghanistan. The seeds of these carrots are available in stores or online. You can simply grow these carrots in your home garden.

Why should you consume Carrots?

So, this was the brief information provided about all types of carrots which are present in the whole world. We tried our best to give you some idea with the reasons that why you should consume carrots. In modern world, it is not tough to get one vegetable which is native to a specific country anywhere in the world. It is because people are in the continuous exchange of those resources which can be helpful to the humankind in any which way. Definitely all types of carrots have their own health benefits. But one very common thing you will find in all these types of carrots that they can kill the cancerous cells in our body.

Cancer has now become a very common problem. It is found in people of different ages. It has not even spared the young children. There is no specific reason to it but changes in our body. Sometimes we have some very harmful buildup in our body which just contributes to different types of cancers. We know sometimes it is very difficult to cure cancer and the patient has to give up. Moreover, the treatment cost is unbearable.

You can also avoid this big health issue only by making the addition of carrots in your diet. So, eat them in the right manner and keep away from this deadly disease.

Cancer is not only one disease which can easily be prevented with the consumption of carrots. There are other health problems as well, which can easily be avoided if you consume carrots on a regular basis.

Try to make changes in your diet to keeps safe and healthy. You need to understand that most of the health issues we face because of our diet.


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