Women’s Safety and Rights | Domestic Violence

We people have to start supporting the women of our society. Well, women’s safety and rights are equally important as men’s. Why don’t we work a little more for them, when they a lot for this society? Believe me, women are the strong pillar of this society. Without them, there will be not life. They spread love and happiness all around. So, let’s take an oath that there will be no acceptance for domestic violence against them.

Women on the earth are termed as a gift from god because they have the privilege of giving birth. Even people worship female goddesses on the earth. Many of the rulers and leaders like Pratibha Patil, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Angela Markel, Malala Yousafzai and many more self-made women are hitting the list. They have showed that women are not any less than men when it comes to ruling or leading positions. So, if women made to these superior positions, it is all because of their hard work and dedication.

Women are full of life. They are trusted by god himself. There are women who have set examples with their great works, hardships and success. Also there are women leading many big companies, institutions and many such big banks and big business houses like Mary Barra, Indra Nooyi, Safra Catz, etc.

They have worked hard and brought a massive change in the thinking of those orthodox people who doubt the capability of a woman. All these above written things are what come under capability of a woman. This is the list there are many more other things that a woman can perform, has performed and is performing continuously.

Disbelief, Distrust, Demean

All what is written above is 100% true, but there are people in this world who do doubt the capability of a woman or female. And even after watching them grow with their hard work and capabilities, these people still doubt them. So not to stand against them in the public and also following their own rule of discriminating women of their family. These hypocrites continue to pretend that they support women and on the other hand, they keep distrusting and demeaning the females at their families.

Women have the capability of standing next to men with all their grace and hard work. All they need is a little support from their family. People with rotten thinking do not support women of their families and their disbeliefs in them make the females a little disturbed.

Well, this is the thing where family members do not support women and also restrict them from performing what these women are good in or are willing to perform. It is just like that if you can support a girl, then please do not restrict her this way when she is actually trying to achieve something.

Many are such cases where because of the disbelief of the family members into the capability and talent of a woman, she holds back herself and never talks again about her talent. Not only this, but even her own children do not know about the capability or talent of their own mother.

Also, many are the cases where a woman or female tries her best to pursue her dream. Fighting many in the row, but she ends up keeping quiet because of some emotional or social pressure. It is just that if you cannot lend a hand of help to her, then please do not be a reason behind her stepping back. She deserves more and the best, try to seek her talent and help her instead of holding her back or being the reason for her to hold back.

Trust the women

Give a try, trust her. She could be the reason for you to be proud of. We can even have the example of such big names like, Kiran Bedi, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Smriti Irani, Margaret Thatcher, Angela Markel and many more. This is just the beginning, if it will be headed it can cross pages. All these women have different stories behind their growing up, reaching such big positions with their hard work. They somehow at some point of their life must have got some support from their parents or family. It is all about support.

It never is a boundary for a woman that if she is married or having children she cannot grow or she cannot touch heights. Here also it is about support. A woman can receive support from her husband, her in-laws. It is all about the trust that her special ones have in her.

Women should be educated

Women or females do have their equal rights as of men co-existing with them on this earth. The great thing is that many of the women are so illiterate that they do not know about their rights or what they can ask or fight for.

Girls are not enough educated, so that they can question for their rights. They too do have the right to study just like their fellow boys have. Not having enough education makes them less confident. Also, they cannot question others until and unless they themselves have any knowledge regarding this.

In India, most of the girls are kept illiterate because if they will make them educated, then the girls too can someday stand next to the man and ask for their rights. This could definitely harm their image in the society. Also, they do not want the girls to be literate because they with the orthodox mind feel women are not meant for studies or have right to appeal in high voices for their rights rather according to them women are meant to work inside the house, handling kitchen, holding household like responsibilities of their children and their family members.

This thinking is still prevailing in some villages in India. People need to think over it again, they need to question themselves about how fair such thinking is. How come an illiterate woman can teach her next generations? ‘Sanskaar’ is not enough for a person to be a good and successful person in this cruel world. Being literate is what is the need of the hour for both males and females.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence


Right after in the row of illiteracy here comes domestic violence. We are so much engrossed in this backward society that at every step we can see that in some or other way people are trying to hurt the existence and try testing the patience of a woman. In this case, even the literate ones are assaulted.

Even the literate people are so much into the negative thinking that even after having enough education either they lack their ‘sanskaar’ or their ‘thinking’ is somehow affected that they cannot analyze the importance of a woman on this earth.

People take domestic violence as an option. They do this maybe because they need some more money (as dowry) from the girl’s parents, or they are unhappy with the girl being a member of their family, even after confirming the marriage ritual from both the sides.

This never gives permission to the in-laws that they have the right to harm the girl at all. The government has already made rules and laws against domestic violence but still people are happy doing such crimes.

In domestic violence, women are being beaten-up, put-upon fire, or even being starved to death. And the surprising thing is that in most of the cases they do not even reach the police station. As women here are taught by their parents that after your marriage your in-laws are your only family. You cannot stand against them no matter what happens.

This “society” thing makes the women hold back. Most of the cases are still unheard, unsaid also not even known by the closed ones because women do not feel like sharing their pain. They are kept in such feel by their family and in-laws that this is what life after marriage is, you will have to face it. So they decide to keep their mouth shut for the rest of their life. They decide never to open-up about their pain, they take it happily.

Women are already standing next to men

Trust me this is a changing world, it is not the time where we are focusing on whether a woman deserves to stand next to a man or not because they have already grabbed that place. They are already not only standing next to men but also beating them and grabbing the position of the topmost candidate in society.

They are fighting and grabbing their places of being the best. It is not the time to question, rather it is the time to trust them and support them. This should not be a fear that women can dominate society. Why can they not? If this is the society that is already dominated by men. Where we already say that this is a male-dominated society. Then, why cannot we support women? Trust them without any fear of losing the grab on society? Why cannot we help women stand in front and grabbing the position of not dominating the society actually, but at least standing next to the male of the society?

We do not want any of the ‘male’ or ‘female’ to dominate the society rather we want a society where no male or female is said to be the dominating gender on the go. We want things and rights to be equal. Domination by any gender is not necessary we can stay together on this earth supporting each other instead of dominating any of the genders. We want that other than using the word ‘dominating’ we should instead go for ‘supporting’.