Rising Green in Some Squares Square Foot Gardening

If you are a   garden lover  It’s a good choice but if not so you can consider it, When we think about a garden a beautiful image highlight in our mind it is full of flowers, veggies, and fruits if you are a garden lover or it is your hobby but you didn’t have space in your courtyard for your dream garden then take an idea from a book about  “Square foot gardening” witch published by a small gardener and nature lover who was An  American Retired civil engineer  Mel Bartholome shared a technique of Harvesting in his book square foot gardening in 1970 than it become popular in the 80s and people admired this way since 1981.

Let’s understand what is square foot gardening

Square foot gardening, an easy and manageable method that helps to arrange a garden in a plain way witch looks absolutely better and different. We grow up the many varieties of veggies and plant according to our need by dividing the garden bed (where we fill soil) into some squares in proper measurements where we can sowing different type of seeds might you see it somewhere sometime, it is a useful technique to arrange a garden for a beginner or a small gardener.

First, be a good planner for your garden

A farmer always measures some important factors before sow seeds for any type of crop basic factors are Soil, water, season, and space. then plan for a crop like that a gardener who wants to grow a crop by using the square foot method also made a plane as same as measuring after all factors which will affect the garden in the future.

Take some steps before begin

  • measure the land where you want to put your wooden or plastic box in some square feet it can be 250, 350  in accordance with your capacity, and remember it should be a clean area.
  • give support to your box for a better life or it can give a design to your garden look great.
  • then measure how much square can be made in it, around 16, 20, etc, and depth for soil.
  • decide the location for the same category plant this gives an easy way to protect them.

Discuss in brief

Firstly measure the right space

As we know land is so expensive in this Era and more in the coming days. than that method of square foot gardening a revolutionary trick for a person who wants grow some herbs for family, nature, and earning, it is an affordable way for small space garden where we invest less hard work, money and time. 

The most important factor of square foot gardening is space witch is calculated firstly before the start, when we talk about calculation we need measuring our blocks sincerely can easily divide a bed size garden equally, for example, can be measured the blocks in 4 ft x 4 ft and also 3 ft x 3  ft   (1.5 meters) or according to your choice,  deep some of 6 to 7  inches. , then apply less space covering seeds that can easily grow in separately like fenugreek, Mint, tomato, green veggie, etc. Then you look forward to second step to filling soil.

Fill your blocks  with quality soil

Quality of soil is the main factor for a type of corps, naturally, we find many varieties of soil but  Nowadays compost available in Markets to increase soil value and we can buy it or make it at home self by using traditional way like using wet waste and convert it to vermicompost with some species of worms (earthworm known as a friend of farmer witch help in decomposition ) available in the market also and can use other fertilizer with Intelligence in soil mixture witch help you to give a better result for plants.

some other concept of square foot gardening

As we know agriculture how much important but not so easy it is.  the biggest invention of human help to start civilizations,  it demand for good knowledge and experience so now take some lines for a  chart theory of square foot gardening witch increase knowledge that how can grow veggies in square foot garden, witch was created by Atlantis Hydroponics that give a direction for manage the plants one step ahead.

this method suggests that spacing of plants for a well setup if a kitchen gardener wants to grow some tomato, cauliflower, pepper by this gardening technique, must to know how they all growing, because size matters for every plant’s growth remind to yourself that you chose square foot gardening as a gardener you are playing with size, need to careful and be futuristic about size of any plant how much it will be grow after that take any decision for sowing seeds because less space you have, lets understand with some examples like tomatoes, broccoli, potato and many more.

Tomatoes  in square foot gardening

A kitchen’s favorite Tomato witch is a fruit of plant but usually in use like a vegetable. how can grow it in some squares, You can use tomato because this is a type of plant witch cover less space depend on species, u can use seeds for plants and also transplant how much you can deep it in soil,  most suitable trick to transplant it,   one more challenge is this there are many species of tomatoes will grow in different size that’s why choose species witch cover less space and gain more care .and take short time to ripe around 20 or 30 days.

 grow some garlic in a square foot garden

Garlic is a genus of onion, It gives many benefits to the human body like good immune system, blood circulation, reduce cholesterol, and boost energy also give a better test to your recipe, now talk about on its crop. it’s demand for well-drained soil,   use a fertilizer witch rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and photash witch give your garlic better in beginning days.

Garlic in square foot gardening, it is can be drop in a small area that’s why we can grew it in our square foot garden, placing your garlic in soil with care a depth of 1 or 2 inches but before it measure the space for there separation with some holes in same square feet than irrigate them consistently and protect them with ideal temperature. wait for around 40 days garlic plants wave in the garden.

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 Now Turn of  potato in the  garden  

potato also known as a king of vegetable by the way normally potato demands a large space for growing if we think in a  traditional way, but we can grow it in a  reserve area in a square foot garden reserve area means that potato needs some more space than other veggies we must plan for it’s area first than will drop two like a couple or also can be one and half peace in a block and should be planted at depth of around  8  to 12   inches same as garlic this is also a root type vegetable and loamy soil good for It also can be grown in almost any type soil, this crop required moisture than keep watered on daily basis,   it become mature in around 80 or 150 because delicious things take time.

if you want  a rabbit favorite carrot and add a  salad with your food

you can also add carrot in your garden witch add a delicious test in your foodie life and good for human eyes, its depend on the bed size that how many carrots can be grown in it as per gardener decision, because carrot or radish can be grown easily in a short area it’s minimum 7 cm area required for each plant so you can grow around 16 to 18 carrot in  A square foot, as usually in square foot garden depth is normally preferred around 6 to 7 inches but for better result in case of carrot witch looks a long vegetable its depth should be deep around 12 to 18 cm than it can grow itself longer, lastly can be harvesting in around 50 or 70 days sometimes it can be double sometimes depend on species of carrot. as you can grown up the broccoli, peas, green veggie, and for beauty also planting flower.

   Broccoli plant   means Nutrients grown in  a little space

Broccoli a plant witch use as food in humans,  we can be grown in a square foot garden like all veggies but only can one plant put in a square because it is covered many sizes around 70 to 80cm so why we grow it in our little space? due to its many properties, it is right to do it in the garden as we use it in our food.  sunlight, water also required it for a ideal moisture in the soil. with the transplant, we can also sow its seeds in a  depth of around 1.50cm than it can be grown well itself. And irrigate them consistently. it contain high level of calcium, and vitamin K witch important for bones its also full of nutrients, not much in the count but more in qualities and quality matters.

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Everything has two-phase similarly it also has and it necessary to know other sides. some merits and demerits 


  • It’s beneficial for a small gardener, farmer, and for a person who live in a city where shortage of space and love green environment and farming can manage it in courtyard and backyard.
  • It’s a good step for nowadays where human forget their civilized culture.
  • It’s give a chance for new generation for planting
  • Its make a bond between human and nature, it’s a big think because the life cycle of every living thing connected to each other where human is also a part of nature.
  • Mainly managed the space for farming where anybody can grow the vegetable themselves because may be in future no one interested in farming because of technology than it become a step towards agriculture where everyone connect to it.


  • Limited corps can grow in it. no more options
  • Less source for the farming
  • Energy taker not much giver.

Square foot gardening become a revolutionary method in a simple way since 70s when this was start now it is popular and raised the interest of people in gardening witch is an environment-friendly work and hobby witch is good for coming generation and human health, Its also helpful for small farmers who earned their livelihood by growing some new corps for experiments and also for earning because as we discussed it is easy in the investment of money so it’s preferable for poor farmer also who have knowledge but because of lack of money they couldn’t do farming than this one method is good for them and after some time can develop in large scale. Ready for Grow the plant in bed size garden and spread greenree in nature.

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By becoming a gardener, you will get the privilege of serving nature

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